Swing dance in Copenhagen

SwingShoes is Copenhagen’s and Denmark’s oldest and largest swing dance association. Learn the original Lindy Hop, solo jazz, and blues through the competent instruction of our skilled teachers.

Sunday Beginner Workshop
A comprehensive three-hour workshop for beginners
Next workshop Sunday 11 August 2024
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Free taster classes in Lindy, Balboa and Blues?
Want to try out Swing Dancing?
Why not give our free one-hour tasters a try?
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New class in Round 4 – Thursday
Classes start the 12th of August – the 3rd of October 2024
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Social Dance
We have Social dance every Monday (Lindy hop) and Thursday (Blues) on Haveselskabetsvej. For more activities and social dance, check the calendar


Round 4 – 2024

Round 4 will be from the 12th of August – the 3rd of October, both days inclusive. Week 42 is holiday and there will be no classes this week. Registration for all classes is open.


Lindy 1 (8 Wk)18.00-19.15
Krystalsalen, Haveselskabetsvej Hannah & Troels
Lindy 2 & 3 (8 Wk)19.30-20.45Værkstedet, IF (Idrætsfabrikken)Helena & Per
Lindy 4 (8 Wk)19.00-20.15Støberiet, IFChott & Joen
Lindy 5 (8 Wk)18.30-19.45Produktion 1 & 2, IFMonica & Rui
Theme Music (8 Wk)18.00-19.15Festsalen, HaveselskabetsvejAnna & Emil
Theme ELEF (Everybody Leads Everybody Follows) Open level (8 Wk)19.30-20.45Festsalen, HaveselskabetsvejMadison & Isak
Socialdans19.30-22.00Krystalsalen, Haveselskabetsvej


Solo Jazz Advanced (8 Wk)19.00-20.15Støberiet, IFCecilie
Solo Jazz Beginner (8 Wk)20.30-21.45Støberiet, IFAnna


Solo Blues (6 Wk)18.00-19.15Loungen, Haveselskabetsvej (stuen)Steve
Blues Invitational (8 Wk)19.30-20.45Loungen, HaveselskabetsvejIsabella & Johannes
Balboa beginners (8 Wk)18.00-19.15Festsalen, Haveselskabetsvej (1. sal)Marlene & Jan
Balboa Intermediate (8 Wk)18.00-19.15Krystalsalen, HaveselskabetsvejKasia & Allan
Blues social dans20.45-22.00Loungen, Haveselskabetsvej
Balboa social dans19.30-22.00Festsalen, Haveselskabetsvej


Round 4.1 – Residential teachers Anni & Gaspar – 2024

Round 4.1 Residential teachers is from the 9th of September to the 21st of November 2024, both days inclusive.  Registration is open.


Slow Bal20.00-21.15Idrætsfabrikken (IF), Produktion 1 & 2Anni and Gaspar


Balboa Intermediate and up18.00-20.15
(15 minutes break)
Haveselskabetsvej, Ball room
(1st floor)
Anni and Gaspar
Blues and Slow bal social dance20.45 - 22.00Haveselskabetsvej, Lounge
Balboa social dance20.30-22.00Haveselskabetsvej, Ball room
(1st floor)


Round 4.1 Residential teachers Anni & Gaspar – 2024

Teachers track Only

Round 4.1 is from the 9th of September to the 21st of November 2024, both days inclusive. Registration is open.


Balboa Teachers Track + invitational19.00-21.15
(15 minutes break)
Idrætsfabrikken (IF), Production 1 & 2Anni and Gaspar