Swing dance in Copenhagen

SwingShoes is Copenhagen’s and Denmark’s oldest and largest swing dance association. Learn the original Lindy Hop, solo jazz, and blues through the competent instruction of our skilled teachers.

Sunday Beginner Workshop
Three-hour workshop for beginners
Next workshop Sunday 9 June 2024
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Registration for for Round 3 is now open! 
Classes start the 29th of april – the 20th of June 2024.
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New class in Round 3 – Thursday
Classes start the 29th of April – the 20th of June 2024
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Social Dance
We have Social dance every Monday (Lindy hop) and Thursday (Blues) on Haveselskabetsvej. For more activities and social dance, check the calendar


Round 3 – 2024

Round 3 will be from the 29th of April – the 20th of June, both days inclusive. The 20th of May is a holiday, and there will be no classes. Registration for Beginner classes is open here.

End of Round will be announced soon.


Lindy 119.30-20.45
Værkstedet, Idrætsfabrikken (IF)Per & Madison
Lindy 2 18.30-19.45Produktion 1&2, IFJoen & Chott
Lindy 3 & 419.00-20.15Støberiet, IFStine & Charlotte
Lindy 518.30-19.45Foyer, IFIsak & Federica
Lindy 620.00-21.15Foyer, IFTroels & Ebrar
Lindy 718.00-19.15Festsalen, HaveselskabetsvejHannah & Maria Westh
Lindy 819.30-20.45Festsalen, HaveselskabetsvejMonica & Johan
Solo Jazz Open Level18.00-19.15Krystalsalen, HaveselskabetsvejMonica
Socialdans19.30-22.00Krystalsalen, Haveselskabetsvej


Solo Jazz Routine, Big Apple, the 1st of May - the 22nd of May (325 kr)19.00-20.15Støberiet, IFPer
Follower Workshop, the 29th of May - the 19th of June (325 Kr.)19:00-20:15Støberiet, IFStine


Blues 118.00-19.15Loungen, HaveselskabetsvejJohannes & Sarah
Blues 2/318.00-19.15Krystalsalen, HaveselskabetsvejNuno & Various teachers
Balboa beginners18.00-19.15Festsalen, HaveselskabetsvejKasia & Allan
Blues social dans19.30-22.00Lounge, Haveselskabetsvej