Open call for 1 minute showcases

We are opening sign up for the 1 min performance slots at the SwingShoes Spring Swing Ball on the 16th of March! This is an opportunity for absolutely any swing dancer to prepare a 1 minute dance showcase and perform in front of a supporting crowd.

Anyone who wants to, regardless of level and experience, can sign up. Signing up means that you would like to make a 1 minute long performance, where it is not a competition, but simply to share the passion for swing dance and performance.

? Do I have to be an experienced dancer to participate?
No, as long as you have something to share, we will be there for you.

? How many dancers can participate at one time?
It can be in all constellations imaginable: Alone, in pairs, in a larger group etc.

? Does it have to be a dance performance?
Yes, but send your idea in any case, and we see how we can help.

? How long should the performance be?
It can be max 1 minute long.

? How can I participate?
Fill this form, and we will reach out to you with further details:

Please note that we limit the performance to 10 slots. Once filled, we close the registration, so to make sure that you get one of the available slots, sign up as soon as possible.

See you on the stage!

Ticket link for the SwingShoes Spring SwingBall 16th of March 2024:

Photo credit: Martin Lasthein