Workshop with Mariel og Manuel

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Once again SwingShoes is proud to present an International Workshop. This time with Manuel & Mariel from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Manuel and Mariel are internationally known Lindy Hop dancers. They have both been dancing, teaching and competing for several years, nationally and internationally.

See them dance here:

The workshop will take place the weekend of the 10th and 11th of August, both days from 10-15. There will be two levels to attend – Beginners Intermediate and Intermediate Advanced. It will be divided so that Saturday will hold only classes on the Beginners Intermediate level and Sunday only for Intermediate advanced.

300 kr. for 1 day.
500 kr. for both days.

10-15 Saturday 10/08 Intermediate (Requirement: 6 months of dancing)
10-15 Sunday 11/08 Advanced (Requirement: 1 year of dancing)
Both days there will be a 1 hour lunch break.

“Værkstedet” in Idrætsfabrikken, Valdemarsgade 12, 1665 København V

The Teachers:
Mariel Gastiarena is a Lindy Hop and Tap dancer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She discovered the Lindy Hop nine years ago and since then she has dedicated herself passionately to dance, moving into different styles. She has taken classes in Jazz, Classical and Contemporary dance for several years as well as African dance and Tango. She has also studied music and nowadays she continues her musical training playing clarinet and singing. This eclectic background has improved her vintage dances like Blues, Charleston and Lindy Hop making her style special. When she started dancing Tap, she realized that it was in this dance where she could best express the conjunction between the rhythmic elements of music and the movement. Therefore, she devoted herself to emphasize her learning about traditional tap and teach it through a conceptual studying of the rhythm.

Manuel Bicain is a Lindy Hop dancer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He discovered the Lindy Hop nine years ago and since then he has dedicated himself passionately to dance, moving into the energy and love of this dance. He has taken classes in Martial Arts, Theater, Acting, Contact Improvisation Dance and Circus Arts for several years. He has also studied tap and body percusion. Nowadays he continues his studies in these new passions. This wide background has improved his art vision and connection in dances like Charleston and Lindy Hop making his style deep and special.
When he started in this world of jazz dance and freedom, he founded a good way to express it to everyone. At the same time he discovered a way of constant research and happiness in artistic life. He focused his dance in the communication, at the same magic time, with the music, with his partner, and himself.

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