Vassiliki & Viktor Workshops

Join Vassiliki and Viktor for workshops with different themes.

We are organizing six workshops while Vassiliki and Viktor are visiting us in November – December 2023. Make sure you sign up!
     The first two workshops (25.11) are dedicated to dancers with basic lindy hop experience while the following four workshops (26.11 & 2.12) are for experienced dancers. Each workshop is around 2 hours including a break (245 DKR).


Saturday 25. November  2023 – Basic Lindy hop knowledge (>6 months experience)

10:30-12:45 ‘Switch’
Venue: Dansekapellet, Kuppelsalen – Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 Copenhagen
Level: Basic Lindy Hop knowledge (>6 months experience) is recommended, all skill levels are welcome!
Price: 245 DKR

In this workshop, we will delve into the art of seamlessly transitioning between leading and following in Lindy Hop, inspired by the vision and message of Dawn Hampton. With expert instruction and engaging exercises, you’ll develop an understanding of the opposite role, allowing you to embrace both leading and following.
     This workshop can be a gateway to becoming a versatile Lindy Hop dancer, honoring Dawn Hampton’s legacy of feeling the music first and breaking the boundaries of gender roles. Join us in celebrating dance, diversity, and the joy of self-expression on the dance floor.

25 Nov. 2023 – 14:00-16:15: ‘Solo Jazz in Lindy’
Venue: Dansekapellet, Kuppelsalen – Bispebjerg Torv 1, 2400 Copenhagen
Level: Basic Lindy Hop knowledge (>6 months experience) is recommended, all skill levels are welcome! 
Price: 245 DKR

In this workshop, we will approach Lindy Hop with personal expression at the forefront, and practice how Solo Jazz movements can be incorporated into Lindy Hop dancing while maintaining awareness of the partner connection. By merging individual self-expression and improvisation with the dynamics of Lindy Hop, this workshop will move you towards the goal of dancing with a more versatile and fluid experience on the dance floor. 


Sunday 26. November 2023 – Aerials for beginners and experienced dancers
In both the Beginner and Experienced Aerials Workshops, a significant portion of the two-hour duration will be dedicated to hands-on practice and refinement of skills. This hands-on approach is crucial for participants to understand and internalize the concepts and techniques taught during the workshops. By focusing on fundamentals for beginners and rhythm, flow, and artistry for experienced participants, these workshops provide a well-rounded and engaging learning experience in the exciting world of aerial dance.

26 Nov. 2023 – 11:00-13:20: ‘Fundamentals of Aerials – Beginners’
Prismen, Kultursalen – Holmbladsgade 71, 2300 Cph S
Level: Experienced dancers
Price: 245 DKR

Focus: Fundamentals of Aerials.
     The Beginner Aerials Workshop is designed for individuals who are new to aerial dance and want to establish a strong foundation in the art of aerials. This workshop will provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to learn and practice the basic techniques and movements of aerial dance.

26. Nov. 2023 – 14:00-16:20: ‘Dancing Through Air Steps with Rhythm and Flow – Experienced
Venue: Prismen, Kultursalen – Holmbladsgade 71, 2300 Cph S

Level: Experienced dancers  – knowledge of Aerials is required
Requirement: Partner signup
Price: 245 DKR

Focus: Dancing Through Air Steps with Rhythm and Flow
     The Experienced Aerials Workshop is tailored for participants with prior experience in aerial dancing. This workshop takes a more artistic approach, emphasizing fluidity, musicality, and expressive movement in a flow on the floor as well as in the air.


Saturday 2. December – Rhythm workshops: Experienced dancers (Intermediate Adv. / Advanced)

10:30-12:45: ‘Tap for Lindy Hoppers’
Venue: Prismen, Dansesalen – Holmbladsgade 71, 2300 Cph S
Level: Experienced dancers (Intermediate Adv. / Advanced)

Price: 245 DKR

By blending the technical skills of tap dance with the rhythmic and dynamic elements of Lindy hop, “Tap for Lindy Hoppers” can create a unique and engaging dance style that opens up new possibilities for self-expression and creativity in the world of swing dance.
     In this workshop, Vassiliki and Viktor will break down some technical skills to open up new rhythmic experimentation in Lindy hop dancing.

2. Dec. 2023 – 14:00-16:15: ‘Groove & Musicality’
Venue: Prismen, Kultursalen – Holmbladsgade 71, 2300 Cph S
Experienced dancers (Intermediate Adv. / Advanced)
Price: 245 DKR

This exciting workshop offers you a unique opportunity to dive deep into the realms of music, dancing groove, and musicality with the guidance of experienced international dancers and teachers, Viktor and Vassiliki.
     This workshop will build on skills of making rhythms with intention, approaching the dance with the lens of a musician. We will explore the layers existing in swing music, helping to appreciate the relationship between your dancing and the music. Get all the answers at this workshop.

Watch Vassiliki and Viktor dancing:

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Vassiliki Papadopoulou:
Vassiliki has been dancing since she was 8 years old, starting with classical ballet, followed by contemporary, ballroom, and Latin dances. At the age of 19, she found her passion for Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz, which charmed her with the energy and creativity that characterized them. Since then, she has been dancing non-stop, having attended numerous workshops in Greece and abroad. She loves teaching, performing, and competing.
     In lindy hop and authentic jazz dances, she finds freedom, energy, and joy, as they are for her a way of creative expression and a constant source of inspiration. She is currently located in her hometown, Athens, where she is teaching Lindy Hop & Authentic Jazz as a member of Rhythm Hoppers’ team.

Viktor Lillard:
Dance and movement have always been important to Viktor. He grew up dancing socially with friends in his hometown of Ithaca, New York. After discovering Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz dance in Ohio in 2013, he has only fallen more deeply in love with Jazz as time goes on.
     Over the years dance has taken him where he never dreamed he would go, and the varied influences he discovered have helped him develop a unique flavor to his dance. He loves to spread the joy of dance within a comprehensive experience of jazz music and is continually studying Jazz’s profound history and cultural roots in a continuum of Black American social dance.
     Viktor has taught classes and workshops on three continents and continues to travel to teach. He uses his musical knowledge and his thoughtful creative outlook to help students both become comfortable in their basics and expand their boundaries. Above all, he absolutely loves to share his musical and flowing style of swing on the social floor, and he encourages all dancers to feel the music and have fun!