Solo Balboa Followers Focus

Solo Balboa: Follower Focus Cont.
With Lara

Three Wednesday lessons
Date: 7th of February – 21st of February 2024
Time: 19:00-20:15
Location: Støberiet, Idrætsfabrikken, Valdemarsgade 12, 1665 Kbh V
Price: 285kr

Due to the success of Lara’s Follower Focus class, SwingShoes is offering yet another half-round of Solo Balboa! You do not need to have participated in the first half round of classes to participate, just sign up and dive into those follower-specific stylings, steps, and techniques!

Teacher Lara Mohoric Eller and SwingShoes are welcoming you to a Balboa class with a focus on followers. In a traditional partnered Balboa class, where we learn new Balboa vocabulary together with a partner, we normally don’t have time to focus on the followers – this class is tailored to address this challenge.

We will work solo on follower variations, footwork, playing with the rhythm, and more. You will also get acquainted with tips and tricks on how to navigate the challenge of social dance and improvisation.

The class is open to followers of almost all levels, but you should feel comfortable with the basic Balboa steps to all tempos, from slow to fast: Balboa Basic, Come Around, Throw Out, Out & Ins. You can also join the class if your primary role is leader but would like to explore the opposite role.

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