Music for swing dancers

Do you know that thrill when you and your partner hit that ‘thing’ in the music at the exact
same time? That feeling when your solo improvisation really resonates with what the
musician is expressing? There is nothing quite like it!

This is an especially developed class for any mid-high level swing dancer (Lindy hop, solo
jazz, tap), who wants to learn to express the music through their dance.

Swing dance teacher and tap dancer Anna Dyrby alongside musician and music teacher
Emil Efferbach will guide you with live percussion, music exercises, a little theory and, of
course, a lot of dancing! Join our classes and let’s explore the music together!

Sign up as a Lindy hop couple, a solo jazz dancer or a tap dancer.

Level requirements: Lindy hop couples (Lindy 6 and above), solo dancers (intermediate
and above), and tap dancers (intermediate and above).
What to bring: Bring comfortable dance shoes, a notebook and water. No tap shoes
allowed, choose instead a hard leather sole or a hard sneaker.
Time: Mondays at 18:00-19:15 on August 12th – September 30th
Place: Festsalen, Haveselskabetsvej, Frederiksberg


Your dance teacher Anna Dyrby has been a passionate swing dance teacher for five
years, traveling the continents to learn from the best. Solo jazz has long been her main
passion, due to the rhythmical roots, direct connection to the music, and the
improvisational nature of the dance.

Anna has a professional background in the performing arts, both on and behind the
stage. She just finished the first nine months of Luthier’s Professional Tap Dance
Programme in Barcelona, and is returning to share her vastly heightened musical
understanding with the swing scene.

Your music teacher Emil Efferbach is a professional drummer and percussionist, as well
as a passionate swing dancer. Emil enjoys exploring connection and improvisation
through the music and rhythms within dancing, both Lindy Hop and traditional african
dances. He has studied from both local and international teachers, both in Europe and

He has a background as a music teacher, is actively playing drums/percussion in Dusty
Rag Jazz Band and will contribute to the workshop with a musicians point of view to help
deepen the fundamental understanding in how to combine and connect rhythms with
swing dancing.