Mitó workshop in Afro-Swing

Join Mitó for a workshop on Afro-Swing with traditional Mozambique dance spiced up with Amapiano dance.

We are organizing a three-hour workshop with Mito on the 9th of December 2023.

Mito will take you through the basic elements of traditional Mozambique dance that is fundamental to Afro-Swing. Mitó has been teaching different workshops at Herräng DanceCamp, Lindy Exchange, and SwingShoes 2022.
     Make sure to sign up and prepare yourself for a happy, merry Christmas.

Saturday 9. December  2023 – Basic Lindy hop knowledge – open for all level
14:00-18:00 ‘Afro-Swing’
Level: No level of dancing is required, as we all are beginners in this class.
Venue: Prismen, Dansesalen, Holmbladsgade 71, 2300 København
Price: 275 DKR

In this three-hour workshop, you will be taught Afro-Swing with amazing moves of Traditional Mozambique Dance moves combined with a joyful choreography called Amapiano. Amapiano is a part of Afro-Swing that integrates solo jazz steps in a dance style that is fun, all all-inclusive in its simplicity yet has intricacies and techniques that give anyone a cutting edge as it increases in difficulty of execution.
Focusing on the roots of Swing will give you a wider bodily vocabulary, and a greater understanding of why we in Swing Dance move as we do. Mitó focuses on togetherness in the dance, and we promise you will leave happy, tired, and with a smile on your face.

Watch the Amapiano choreography here:

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